01. intro/thousand forms moon 7:00 02. ruined 5:20 03. 04. instru (relleno) landfill planet 05. garden of pleassure... 06. he was 36/nest of hieves 08:00 (dannnier) 07. crush the soul 08. rebirth the wings of war 05:30 09. atonement/warslaves (nueva) 10. grincore #2
01. humilliation for the inverted 02. extreme repugnance 03. dawn of mercy 04. urinary tract obstruction 05. drawned in vomit
06. the remorse of the flesh 07. rebirth the wings of war 08. warslaves 09. pain can be explained 10. seduced by filth
11. 7th trompet 12. he was 36 / nest of thieves 13. symbol of hate 14. attonement for the afflicted 15. enter the eternal corridors of time

turmoil for the flesh ARROGANCE - humilliation for the inverted, attonement for the afflicted 01. humilliation for the inverted 02. extreme repugnance 03. dawn of mercy 04. urinary tract obstruction (grincore #1) 05. rebirth the wings of war 06. warslaves 07. 7th trompet 08. he was 36 / nest of thieves 09. symbol of hate 10. attonement for the afflicted 11. pride assassin (napalm death) 12. mutilation (death) 13. timebomb (demolition hammer) 14. dwell in doubtful joy // habitar en la alegrķa dudosa 1. b.e.d. BLACK EARTH DEMISE 2. SUBCONSCIOUS PAIN 3. BLACKCOFFIN 4. UNNAILED 5. Tortured Naked 6. FUCKFRENZY 7. STIFF and COLD 8. SYMBOL OF HATE 9. HATE SYMBOL 10.firewings UNBLESSED DAMNATION SEALED DOOM 7th Trompet SEVEN TROMPETS SEVENSEALS BLOODSEAL GREEN CALAMITY DARK CALAMITY SINFUL FEAR OF DOOM FIRST SEAL OPEN (F.S.O.) DAWN OF MERCY Self Inflicted Pain (S.I.P.) GODLESS YEARS GODLESSAGE VAIN SUFFERAGE WARSLAVES REIGN of FIRE OCEANS OF PAIN the remorse of the flesh Seduced by filth instauracion, estado, resolucion (3 phases of cadaveric stiffness process) C.S.P. FORCEPS - for those who refuse to be born 1. entreat trepanation 2. the rules of putrefaction 3. maggot masturbation 4. filled with maggots 5. abusive misbehavior 6. pain can be explained 7. full of worms 8. demi-human creatures 9. behold the horror chamber 10. worms stake 11. horror to maggots 12. sunken in vomit or drawned in vomit 13. demoted to nothing 14. deep ulcer becoming you 15. flesh temptation 16. forensics 17. urinary tract obstruction 18. impending holocaust 19. the remorse of the flesh THE END OF ARROGANCE 1.homo-perversion 2.necropedophiliac desire 3.pain can be pleassure 4.lascive-perversive 5.13 worms 6.putrefaction face 7.foetal edonism 8.zombie army 9.intent of abuse 10.fields of oblivion 11.he was 36 12.nest of thieves 13.human clouds 14.demi-human creatures 15.corridors of time 16.the prophecy of doom 17.visions in blind 18.drinking blood upon your tomb 19.predicted failure 20.rye keeps growing 21.inverted paradox 22.with anger we came 23.eyes to the mind 24.the horrors of gore blood incesticide 26.necropedophiliac impalation 27.lascive-perversive 28.dying sadistic prophet 29.blasphemy in your veins 30.two-faced gods INRI - age of cataclisms 1. the corridors of time are waiting 2. entreat trepanation 3. pain can be explained 4. lascive-perversive 5. the fallen entities 6. deep ulcer becoming you 7. anticipated failure 8. with anger we came 9. devourer race 10. the temple of the worms 11. nest of thieves 12. age of cataclisms 13. calamity arise sunken in shit double dildo olympics humilliation for the inverted massive cum collection Placental abruption delivery of the freak maggots colony caca al pesto cum, shit, vomit the taxidermist destined to fall mentally impaired forced to be born regret at birth R.F.M. the feces of gore homo-sadistic perversion necropedophiliac desire pain can be pleassure lascive-perversive 13 worms putrefaction fetal hedonism zombie army intent of abuse fields of oblivion he was 36 nest of thieves human clouds demigod time stoodstill here the prophecy of doom visions from beyond drinking from the young blood of ancient lullabies failed predictions rye keeps growing inverted paradox playing with parkinson eye to the christ the feces of gore blue blood incest rigor fucking mortis vaginal autopsy necropedophiliac impalation lascive-perversive dying prophet blasphemy two-faced gods